Government Organizations

Integral system of alarms for districts and public organisms

Alerts in real time: EPanics + Alarm monitoring system

Eve-sGuard is a comprehensive alarm monitoring platform for districts. The Eve-sGuard system receives and manages the alarms events coming from fixed targets (residences, administrative offices, hospitals, schools, nurseries, etc.) and mobile targets (vehicles, guards’ patrols, etc.). Besides, with the EPanics module and apps you can provide an integral monitoring solution to the neighbors and allow the district to bill a monthly service to the citizens. In addition, Eve-sGuard is compatible with community alarm systems.

Panic button

SmartPanics · Alerts sent from Smartphones
Smartphones offer huge possibilities as personal emergency warning devices. They let you multiply the citizen’s individual protection in a robbery, fire, in need of medical assistance or gender violence situation, and also to help prevent them. The alerts sent by the neighbors through their smartphones will be received at the district's monitoring center via Internet or SMS to be attended by the operators immediately. These events will include the position of the device by the internal GPS system of the smartphone and will be shown in the Eve-sGuard Monitoring module. The advanced video function will allow the user to send an image taken with the smartphone’s cameras. In addition, the application enables bidirectional audio sending through a phone call and SMS sending with the event data to be attended at the monitoring central station. Each neighbor can count on the application once downloaded from the corresponding stores or markets without the need to pay or buy an anti-panic button.

Send alerts anytime, anywhere ·Anticipate and prevent to grant greater security My Alerts - Reporting system

Public complaints panel through the EPanics App. This system allows the user to make complaints through the EPanics app, as well as follow them up and manage them, allowing classifications, traceability and statistics development. SOS alarm sending EPanics allows you to send an emergency message with your satellite position so you can be found and assisted easily. EPanics is useful if: Your safety is compromised (theft, intruders in your home, kidnapping, etc.). You are in a place where you cannot ask for help. When suffered an accident and there is no one nearby to help. When in an emergency situation and you require immediate assistance. Crossing a dangerous area or neighborhood on the way home.

My messages

Through the EPanics APP the district can send notifications by push messages to the entire community in the face of any catastrophe, warnings of weather alerts, prevention campaigns for diseases, etc. This service is included within the EPanics APP.

Push notifications

Through Push Notifications the district can now ask questions to the entire community. The citizens open the notification and are immediately forwarded to a screen where they can answer. The system receives and processes all the answers for further analysis, enabling the district to make reports, visualize the amount of answers, access to graphics according to those answers by gender, age, etc.

Anticipate and prevent to grant greater security My Alerts - Reporting system My messages Transit safely

EPanics has an "On my way" button that lets you be precautious and send an SOS alert with the possibility of canceling it in a period of time. It lets you know with a sound warning one minute before the time’s up to stop the sending of the alarm. This functionality is very useful while going home or having to pass through risky roads in case you want to warn the monitoring center in advance for greater security.

EMapGuard – Crime Map

Mapped and geo-referential system that allows real time events display. This system can work by itself through the georeferenced events generated by the devices; or integrate with the other modules to show alerts, agents and complaints at the same time.

ETrackGuard : Vehicle tracking + officers tracking

Two different functions that operate the same way: allowing the real time tracking of registered vehicles and officers using GPS devices installed in vehicles and personal GPS devices. This way, it is possible to manage routes and detours, fuel consumption (vehicles), detention times and proximity alerts.

Web manager – Control board

Real-time visualization of preset statistics determining the variables or parameters that where set. In this way Mayors, security secretaries and/or responsible for monitoring center can instantly check alerts or incidents traffic, statistics and the development of different processes.

Community Alarm /A community alarm is an alarm system installed on a pole of each block of the neighborhood and shared by a group of neighbors.

Each neighbor gets a wireless remote control linked to the alarm system letting them activate a siren, turn on the lights and send a panic event to the monitoring center when an incident occurs. The alarm signal will be received and attended in the Eve-sGuard monitoring system with the name of the user who activated it, including the location on the map of the pole where the alarm is located.