Condominiums and Residential Complexes

Our main product is the Eve-s system, a comprehensive alarm monitoring platform that has application in condos and private neighborhoods. The Eve-s system receives and manages alarm events from fixed targets (residences, administrative offices, sports centers, service dependencies, etc.) and mobile targets (vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, patrol vehicles for private surveillance, smartphones, etc.).
Eve-s is installed in a control center that operates 24/7 from where it interacts with different equipment’s and electronic devices, allowing the attention of alarm events (burglary, panic, medical emergency, access control, video verification, and more) for its validation and subsequent referral to the competent authorities (police, private security services, fire department, medical services, maintenance services, etc.).

Family protection

Send alarm events from your smartphone at any time SmartPanics is a communication platform that allows neighbors to report incidents to the condos in an easy and quick way with multiple control and management functions to grant your family’s security. Every alarm event sent by the neighbors through their smartphones will be received by the monitoring center of the condos via internet or SMS to be attended by the operators immediately. These events are received along with the device’s location (GPS) by the inner methods of their smartphone, which will be displayed on the operator’s screen. The advanced video setting allows the user to send an image of the emergency from the camera of their smartphone. Each family may own one or more apps enabled to send alarm events, after being downloaded from the corresponding app stores. SmartPanics offers: • Alerts sending from smartphones (SOS, Fire, Assistance). • Virtual guard with the “On my way” function, countdown timer activation and immediate sending of the alert to the monitoring center in case of emergency during the route. • Current location of your family members with “Here I am” button. • Access to your home’s cameras to check what’s going on. • Remote device operation using commands that let you turn devices on and off. • Family group control using “My group” function. It displays their current location, allows creating inclusion and exclusion geofences, issue alarms history, etc. • Virtual keypad with 12 commands to report incidents.

It is a system for rounds control with online monitoring for guards and security staff. This powerful tool performs the control of the guard’s actions: position report validated via GPS, MAN ALIVE alert, report of incidents during the round, sending images from the smartphone. All this and much more received online at the monitoring center24/7, 365 days a year.

VigiControl is a multi-link application that ensures the alerts sending via TCP-IP, either by WI-FI or by data network connection (GPRS-LTE), as well as SMS sending when the data network is not available.

• Allow guards to send panic alerts to the monitoring center that includes positions data, audio, notes and videos.
• Guards’ presence control with “Man alive” button, programmed to send a notification to the guards App every certain amount of time that they must cancel to confirm they are ok.
• Arrival or departure marker to check rounds are completed.
• Online assignment of a location that requires the presence of the guard.