Video Verification

Designed to integrate video and audio to the alarm events received at the monitoring central station in a simple and intuitive way, either on demand or by simply following a system verification or periodic control routine. The importance of video verification lies in the decrease of false alarms and the more efficient alarm events resolution.



Experience Eves integrated alarms solution with 24/7 professional monitoring . Bring security cameras online in minutes (No NVR/DVR required), easily configure alarm trigger events and response workflows and access incidents remotely from any browser or device.
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Brand-new camera and accessories 24/7 Professional Monitoring with integrated video verification Full access to our cloud-based Command Platform (VMS) with unlimited cloud archiving Free setup, US based technical support and shipping Not Included: The Alarm Panel, Alarm Console and Intrusion Sensors. The Professional Monitoring service can be added to any sites using Verkada cameras, doors, or environmental sensors, while the Alarm Console and Alarm Panel can be included to increase coverage and visibility.
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