Web Monitoring

This module is  a general screen of coordination between operators that will display all the events that enter the system with assignable filters. Additionally, the module announces verbally all the events configured for it (i.e. priority).



Simultaneous events attention Single display of pending and queued events Embedded Voip calls within the system Assignment of Technical Support Services during the attention of an alarm event Self-monitoring Multiple processing with single events selection Daily multiple opening and closure control. Control of programmable automatic tests with failure warning. Intelligent false alarm control with notification to the operator by date or quantity limits. Global post-installation test mode by account, area or event type Instructions registration for events attention according to the preset procedures
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It includes the following functional sub-applications:
PortGuard: Application responsible for the reception of serial port events (Telephone and radio receivers). It recognizes all the communication protocols in the market (Contact ID, 4 + 2, SIA, Ademco Fast / Expanded, Radionics Modem II / lie and others). It supports telephone, radio, cellular, IP and other receivers from the main manufacturers in the industry. Notification Report: Email sending to the entire SmartMail platform and report of all the tasks it performs: events notifications via email, SMS reception and remote terminal, marketing campaigns sending from the CRM Sales and Promotion module allowing response and rejections. IM (instant messaging) between the different users: operator, supervisor, administrator, dealers, corporate clients and authorities (Police, fire department, etc). URL Launcher: Allows you to enable the platform to white list external applications links. With this feature and through an icon located in the Desktop, it is possible to access a links table within the platform, avoiding in this way, going outside to check a Webmail or any other whitelisted application. SMS Gateway: It is responsible of the SMS sending by alarm events received to customers and receiving signals from SMS without requiring an alarm panel. Administrator: Guarantees validated access by offering credentials to users where their actions are segmented and parameterized. It also facilitates the administration of tables and system configurations. Account Administration: Allows the registration, modification and termination of accounts by the operator or member of the customer service staff: account, situation, self-monitoring, documents, users, contacts, zones, partitions, notes, logs, schedules, alarm panels and false alarms control among others. MapGuard Web: It is a cartographic display module of all the accounts, whether or not they are in an alarm situation, the assigned response vehicles and/or patrols, as well as the technical services ongoing or assigned. It also complements the modules: SmartPanics, VigiControl, Corporate customer access and TrackGuard by providing a complete situational map. It includes intelligent route management for the assigned response vehicles /patrols by sending instructions via chat or email between the operator and/or the staff in charge (i.e. management). Timer: It is the system’s internal clock. Responsible for the time schedule routines control, automated tests and activations/ deactivations, etc. IP and GPRS monitoring (without receiver): Application responsible for the direct reception of events from the Internet, IP and GPRS communicators.
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